3 Reasons Why New Car Sales Reps Fail

We surveyed more than 130 active and former car sales reps before creating Car Sales Hero. We were interested in finding out what were common challenges and problems faced by car sales reps in achieving their sales and income goals. Instead of relying on simple multiple choice surveys, we spent 30 minutes on average talking to car sales reps. Most were glad to talk to us because they felt their own leadership was not always open to candid and honest feedback. We analyzed our interview records to find common messages. One questions we wanted to understand was the reason why news sales reps were not able to make their sales and income goals. Here the top 3 reasons we found.

Lack of Sales Training

Training availability and quality differed significantly among the reps that we surveyed. Larger dealers and new car dealers generally had formal training programs but smaller dealers and those selling pre-owned cars lacked quality training. Even when quality training was available, sales reps struggled to use it if they did not have the chance to practice and apply it within days of receiving the training. In new car dealerships, the reps were generally satisfied with the availability and quality of product training including competitor differentiation but a majority of the reps still found the sales training itself to be lacking. Majority of the reps expected and relied on sales manager coaching and help to close deals but sales manager time availability was not always guaranteed.

Not Enough Leads

After training, sales reps gave up on the dealer or car sales overall due to lack of leads. Some reps struggled to generate enough traffic on their own while others said that they did not get enough traffic from the dealer marketing and lead generation efforts.

Brand Reputation Challenges / Lack of Inventory

Lack of models and options demanded by customers and/or product reputation were also cited as common reasons for sale reps failure.