NLP Engineer Job Screening Task

Objective: Demonstrate ability to research a new NLP concept and create a proof of concept for evaluation

Task Description:

  1. Research “zero shot classification” pipeline feature of the HuggingFace transformers NLP library for python
  2. Incorporate the “zero shot classification” pipeline code in a backend Flask app with one HTTP POST endpoint
  3. The HTTP POST endpoint should expect a JSON payload that has two values: a string sentence and an array of categories
  4. The HTTP POST endpoint should process the input data using the HuggingFace library and then return a JSON payload that indicates the percent probability that the sentence belongs to each of the categories in the input JSON payload
  5. Test the Flask backend app on your local machine
  6. Upload the tested code to a GitHub repo in your account (create a new account if needed)
  7. Email the GitHub repo link to careers at seealgo dot com